October 17, 2016


Elliot Bay (Seattle North Zone)


Elder O'Laughlin


Hello Mom!

It sounds like you had a pretty crazy/good week! Our week was pretty good as well. We were able to get lots done. The weather wasn't that bad. There was one point where it got pretty bad, but nothing too serious. My opinion was that everyone was making a huge deal out of nothing. The power didn't even go out. It was quite fun actually.

Don't worry about the letter because I sent it last week anyways. I think I sent it on Monday. That's when I bought stamps. I just get these sudden urges to right people letter. Sorry I don't right you more hand written letters.

I will try what you gave me to get rid of the cheese grease stain. I have already washed it so it might be hard. They are my newest pants. I will let you know if they are stained forever. I was eating a quesadilla.

Haha I really don't know what her address is. It was probably a good thing I forgot to put a stamp on it.

Cooking is fun.

We made some pretty good fried rice yesterday. We cooked two chicken breasts in the crock pot. We cooked it in water and spices. It turned out pretty good. We are always creative.

I did not go to the temple. Things just didn't work out in the end anyways. The recent convert went by himself. He rode the bus to the temple. What a solid guy. My companion and I are getting along pretty well. I will tell you more about the week in the group email. I get less time on the seattle public computers.


Elder Moulton


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