October 9, 2016

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Eric Moulton


Dear Matthew,

I had a good trip to San Diego this past week. I left on Wednesday evening and then returned home on Thursday evening, so it was a fast trip. It was interesting seeing all of the work that they do down there. There is quite a variety. They seem to definitely need engineers, so that is good for me. While I was there, I got to see my friend Matt Turner and his wife and daughter. I was good to see him.

I ended up working on backdrops again this weekend in between funerals and stake dances. The bases now weigh close to 100 pounds each, so if they blow over now, I don’t know that there is much more I can do. I just hope they work better.

We went to Ellis Christensen’s funeral yesterday. It’s too bad that funerals happen after someone is dead because you learn all kinds of great things about them that you wish you would have known while they were alive. I knew that Ellis was a musician, but I didn’t realize the extent of that. He actually went to Utah State on a music scholarship. He played the organ and string bass, but started out on drums. His children seem to be very good musicians in their own right. After hearing some of the stories they told, I was glad he didn’t tell us we could have done better if we would have practiced more when we performed for them for Christmas. I really enjoyed that experience.

Church work is as busy as ever. It doesn’t seem like I’ve had the time to spend on my calling that I need to. I’ve got to get the stake calendar for next year put together, but it’s hard to get to it. Hopefully this week I can spend some more time on it since your Mom and sisters seem to have more commitments than I do.

Morgan is going to try for the music Sterling Scholar and has been working on her application for the school. I was helping her on kind of a resume, and it’s quite impressive all that she has done during high school. Hopefully the faculty thinks so as well.

Jared Smith got home from his mission last week and reported to the high council this morning. He seems the same in a lot of ways, but his testimony seems strong and it seems like he was a good missionary. He said he isn’t missing the rain. Apparently he will be going to the U of U in the spring and is planning to study chemistry. Pres. Jacobson and Pres. Mildenhall both said how amazing it is that he served a mission with his family situation. Your mom thinks his friends had a lot to do with that.

I hope everything is going well for you. Take care of yourself and I hope you have success this week.




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