October 3, 2016


Elliot Bay (Seattle North Zone)


Elder O'Laughlin

Seattle is Life

Hello everyone!

This week was another great week here in Elliott bay. We were able to find a few new investigators that we found by texting everyone in the phone. It would be really cool to see them progress and eventually get baptized. Just like they said in conference, we can't pray away someone's agency. That was something I had a hard time with at the beginning of my mission. You want people to experience all the blessing that can come from the gospel, yet they still choose to not listen to the message.

We saw a huge protest on saturday. We were going to visit some referrals we got and were on the bus. Suddenly, we heard on the bus radio that there was a protest going on so the road the bus route is on was closed. The bus driver was flippin out. The bus then got stuck in traffic, so we asked the bus driver if we could get off in the middle of the road. He let us, and we commenced on our journey. We started walking towards the place of protest, but when we turned the corner, everyone was gone. No sign of protest. Poof! Oh Seattle...

Well I am glad to be serving out here in this area at this time. I know I am here for a reason. I know that Heavenly Father will guide us to his elect. Have a great week!


Elder Moulton


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