October 3, 2016


Elliot Bay (Seattle North Zone)


Elder O'Laughlin


Dear Mom,

I hope you were able to have a great conference weekend as well! Watching all that conference is actually really tiring. I can't really think about much of the talks right now but the one that comes to my mind was president Nelson's talk on how the savior gives us joy. We started using that with people and they seem to be a lot more receptive. There seemed to be a big focus on the savior this conference.

It is too bad to hear about Ellis Christensen. After my mission, I was wanting to go visit them. How is sis christensen doing?

Why don't the girls like dances? It seemed like me and Becca went to every dance we could for some reason. Oh well, I bet they had fun with whatever they did.

How bad did great grandpa hurt his leg? Is it broken or no? I will keep them in my prayers. It's kind of funny that he is refusing medicine. I wonder what his reasoning is for that.

I did get the package back. I made the cake all by myself. You should be proud. My companion even took pictures of me blowing out the candles. I put all the treats in the kitchen, so we are both eating them. The sisters in our district want us to do a no junk food week, so we will be doing that with them. I am almost back down to 220 so that is pretty exciting I guess. Hopefully I don't gain too much weight during the holidays.

Hopefully Dad wasn't too sad about the backdrops falling over and rolling around. I'm going to admit, it would be pretty funny to see a backdrop fall over and roll over a tiny little flute girl or something. I would add points to the score if I was a judge! I know I know, I am a bad person for saying that.

The work here is slowing progressing. We found a few new investigators. Justin is now in Montana. He will probably come back to do more chemo. I have some pictures this week so I will send them to you for sure. Hope you have a great week!

Elder Moulton


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