October 2, 2016

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Eric Moulton


Dear Matthew,

How are things? I hope everything is well.

We certainly enjoyed general conference. It comes and goes too quickly, as with most things in life. We got to hear the morning session yesterday and I went to the priesthood session and then we got to hear both sessions today. We missed the afternoon session yesterday because of the band competition, but I look forward to reading through the talks from this conference over the next six months. I just finished the talks from the April conference last week, just in time.

Last week was kind of a blur. As usual, we had plenty to keep us busy. This next week, I’m going to be going to San Diego for work on Thursday. It honestly seems like a waste of money to me, but I guess it will be good to see the mother ship and meet some of the engineers down there that we are supposed to be working with. I didn’t resist too much because it will give me a chance to see my friend Matt Turner before he leaves for Mexico City at the beginning of next year. He was recently promoted to a captain in the Navy. They’ll be moving to Mexico where he will be the Naval Attaché at the US embassy. That’s kind of always been what he wanted to do. It’s pretty impressive that he’s advanced so far in the Navy. They seem to like moving around, which I certainly would not want to do.

I am driving Mom’s old van now. Unfortunately, the engine light came back on again, but hopefully it will last for a few more months. I’m supposed to get a bonus in February for staying on at work, so hopefully that can go towards me getting a new (used) truck. Although, as we have started looking at college expenses for three kids next year, it makes me wonder if we shouldn’t use it for that instead. I guess we’ll see come February.

Morgan wanted a puzzle for general conference, so we worked on that while we were listening this weekend. It’s 2000 pieces, so we didn’t finish it, but Morgan certainly has made a lot of progress and is very diligent about finishing it. I get sidetracked by it and don’t work on the stuff that I really should. If we get a general conference puzzle next time, it will need to be 1000 pieces so we can get it done in one weekend.

Take care of yourself. I heard a story on the radio about the homeless in Seattle. It sounds like it’s a real problem with homeless camps being set up around the city and the city isn’t quite sure what to do. Hopefully you’ll be able to help some of those folks that you come in contact with.




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