September 19, 2016


Elliot Bay (Seattle North Zone)


Elder O'Laughlin

Hello from Elliot Bay!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not writing an email last week! I was transferred to the Elliot Bay ward, which covers most of downtown Seattle. It is pretty sweet, I'm not going to lie. At first I was a little afraid of street contacting all day, but it really isn't that bad. The ward is interesting as well. The bishop has a beard. This ward is also the mid singles adult ward, so we get to do all the activities involved with that as well.

The amount of homeless people here is too high. Most of the time, the homeless people like us and will tell us their whole life story. Sometimes they confess their sins to us. We never know what they are going to do. There is this one homeless guy named Rain. I don't know if that really is his name, but that is what they call him. He told us he has a warrant for arrest and we asked him for what. He told us,"I'm a cop killa!" He then proceeded to laugh until he was crying. He really isn't a "cop Killa", but he is crazy. The thug life is real.

Right now we have two investigators. One has disappeared somewhere in the city. He won't answer his phone or anything, so we will probably have to put his teaching record in the formers section of the area book. The other investigator we have is Justin. He lives in Montana, but is getting cancer treatment here in Seattle. Pretty much, we see him every day because he pretty much sleeps or watches tv or something all day. Cool guy. Weird fact though, he comes from a polygamous family... so he knows a lot about the church. If he hadn't had told us that, we probably would have thought of him to be LDS because of his gospel knowledge. His sister got baptized into our church, and he is very interested in getting baptized as well. He tells us he just needs an answer from God that this is the path for him.

Among all the hippies, hobos, drugs, violence, insane people, and filth, the church is still true here in the Elliott bay ward. Every day I go out and see the people in their circumstances on the street, it makes me that much more grateful to be a member of the Lord's church. Have a good week!




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