September 11, 2016

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Eric Moulton


Dear Matthew,

I was just going to say amen to your mom's email and call it good, but she said I had to fill you in on the BYU-Utah game.

It was fun watching the game with the whole family at the Mahoney's house. Unfortunately, BYU ended up loosing, again, by one point. The U actually had more turnovers than BYU for a change, but we still managed to loose. Oh well. I've decided that I'm going to try to take Kilani Sitake's philosophy that it was a fun game. It was certainly entertaining.

The other thing that your mom didn't mention is that we got a wedding invitation for your cousin Brody. The wedding is this coming Saturday and we decided that we should go down to it. We just decided that yesterday, so we've been trying to figure out our travel plans. The are actually getting married in a little town that's a couple of hours east of Phoenix, so we will go down through Price and Moab and stay Friday night in Blanding. Surprisingly, it was very difficult to find a place to stay anywhere in that corner of Utah, because apparently there is some big ATV thing going on, so we ended up renting a house for the night, because it was about the only thing we could find. Who would have guessed that Blanding would be such a popular place in mid September. We're leaving your sisters here by themselves, so hopefully they don't decide to have a wild party here while we are gone.

I'm sure glad the backdrops are done. Maybe I can concentrate on something else for a while. I'm sure there will continue to be things that I have to tweak on the backdrops throughout the season though.

Have a good week. One other thing that Elder Halstrom said today was that sometimes we forget who is hastening the work of salvation. It's the Lord's work and he is the one that is hastening it. Things will be done in the Lord's time and while it may not always seem like things are moving as fast as we think they should, Elder Halstrom quoted several statistics that make it clear that the work is speeding up. Don't get discouraged, just keep doing the best you can. That's all the Lord really asks for.




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