September 4, 2016

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Eric Moulton


Dear Matthew,

It was very cool to see the picture of you with Uncle Bret's family. I'm glad you figured out a way to go see them. Hopefully they treated you well. How long did you spend with them?

Your mom is going to send you a picture of the backdrops that we put together yesterday. We had eight parents come help us out yesterday which made things go pretty fast. It took me a full day to get the first one figured out and put together on my own, but we had the other eight put together by 2:00 yesterday. It's a load off of my mind to get this far along, but I still have to figure out how to add weight to them so they won't tip over in the wind. I thought I had if figured out, but it didn't work quite as well as I hoped it would. One of the parents that helped put the backdrops together yesterday was Darin Furnell and he always thinks he knows better than anyone else, so he had several ideas, which I considered, but I'm not sure I really want to go that route. I guess tomorrow I'll work on them some more and hopefully get it figured out.

It seems like my whole life has been revolving around backdrops lately, so I'm not sure what else to write about this week. Utah, Utah State, and BYU all won their first football games of the season this last week. The BYU game against Arizona ended up being pretty exciting, even though BYU was ahead for the whole game until the last minute. They won on a field goal kicked by a freshman kicker with about 4 seconds left in the game. I certainly wouldn't be that clutch in a situation like that. BYU and Utah play each other this coming Saturday. That always makes life interesting, especially for those in school or that follow social media.

The grass in the backyard is looking pretty good at the moment, but the lawn has certainly been a struggle this year. I started early with fertilizing, pulling weeds, etc. hoping that I would get ahead and it would look good all summer, but then I think I had a lot of problems with grubs, because the lawn looked really bad for most of June and July. There are still a few spots in the backyard that are dead, but I guess they didn't show up in the picture.

The Rigbys are keeping the Alpaca at the Rigby grandparents' house, with all their other animals. After camping last week, they were trying to fence in a larger area of the property for the goats and Alpaca so that they could be moved out of the chicken coup.

I'm glad to hear that you were able to replace the brake pad. It makes me feel like it was finally worth the money that we spent to send your bike to you and that the tools I sent might get some use. Besides the brake pads, how is your bike working? Does the chain still slip? I'm sure there's something that could be adjust to help fix that. It seems like more tension on the derailer would help.

Hang in there and continue to be patient with your companion. My nightmare companion that I told you about was similar in that he was always being sarcastic and making comments, but he couldn't take it himself. In his case, I think there were some real self esteem issues there that he covered up with bravado. Try to not explode at your companion like I did with mine.

I hope you and your companion have success this week. Keep up the good work.




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