August 28, 2016

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Eric Moulton


Dear Matthew,

My subject lines are pretty boring compared to your Mom’s. I guess I’m just lazy and don’t want to figure out something clever. You’re lucky you have a mom that cares about you enough to think up clever subjects.

So, you already saw the backdrop that I put together. I’m still stressing about how to make them work for real. There’s always something to be learned from building something that you never quite foresee when you come up with a plan. I’ve got to get it all figured out this week so that we can have other band parents come over on Saturday to put the other eight backdrops together.

I ended up going camping on Friday night up to the Lake Creek property with Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Neil and Grace, Uncle Nathan and Evelyn, and Jared and five of his kids (plus Brady). I wanted to go camping at least once this year, but since I don’t have you to go with me, I sent out an email a few weeks ago asking if anyone was interested. We had a better turnout than I thought we would. It was a lot of fun. The weather was good (no snow) and not too cold yet. That really is a nice place to camp. Grandpa’s friend that has been using the property every year for the last several years have made the road into the camping area much better along with splitting a lot of firewood. Apparently, there is a super-rich guy that bought some property next to ours who is building a huge house there and will be running electricity to the house along our property line, so we will have access to power without having to pay to put the line in ourselves. Grandpa is certainly good at getting to know people. He often helps people out, but sometimes they return the favor.

Brady got his mission call to Cincinnati, Ohio this past week. He leaves December 14th. I’m really impressed that he is going on a mission since I don’t think he gets a lot of support from his family. I think Krisann and Jared have really had a good influence on him. They have been very kind to him in including him in their family. I guess Krisann has a soft spot for animals (and people) that she feels are lost. They recently rescued an Alpaca (like a Lama) from the county animal services. It’s quite the funny looking, big, black, hairy, beast.

There were a few trees that were starting to change colors in the area we went camping in. I guess that means fall will be here soon. That also means that the college football season is starting. BYU has their first game on Saturday. They have what looks to be their hardest schedule ever, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high. With a brand new coaching staff, who knows how things will go. We keep getting things from the Utah State marching band asking if you are going to be marching this year. Your mom keeps writing back saying, “no, but please keep us informed next year.” Apparently they have a new marching band director that seems to be a more on the ball.

I taught the lesson in our high priest group today from Elder Bednar’s talk, “Always Retain a Remission of Your Sins”. One of the paragraphs that I liked the most is, “The ordinance of the sacrament is a holy and repeated invitation to repent sincerely and to be renewed spiritually. The act of partaking of the sacrament, in and of itself, does not remit sins. But as we prepare conscientiously and participate in this holy ordinance with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, then the promise is that we may always have the Spirit of the Lord to be with us. And by the sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost as our constant companion, we can always retain a remission of our sins.” I’ve occasionally heard people teach that we are forgiven of our sins by taking the sacrament, but this explains how that works much better. It’s really the Holy Ghost that matters and that purifies or sanctifies us. In teaching from this talk, it made me think that sometimes we may be too focused on baptism, when that is really just the first step in making it possible for us to receive the Holy Ghost. The Spirit is what will be with us for the rest of our lives, if we allow him to be, and will help us improve and become like our Father in Heaven.

Take care this week. Make sure you’re careful while riding your bike. I hope you are able to find people to teach. Keep up the good work and don’t get discouraged. I’m sure glad you’re using your bike though.




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