August 1, 2016


Duvall Ward (Redmond Zone)


Elder Toelupe


Dear Mom,

My week was great. We did lots of service for people and we ended this transfer in a good way. It's pretty funny that the whole bologna cat thing is a thing now. I guess dad even talked about it in a stake meeting or something like that. Hopefully it doesn't reach the rest of the internet...

The days of 47 parade... I feel bad for Anne. Marching in the heat is bad enough, but with a uniform! Yikes! Props to her for enduring the heat and finishing the parade. Hopefully their fall show will work out so that they can get some good rewards.

Where is the Moulton family reunion this year? Is it up at Bear lake? No matter where it is, the Moulton family reunions are always fun. Can't wait to go to the one in two years!

I can't wait for the package you will be sending me! The Tongan Hymn book was pretty much given to me. The bishop pretty much told us that we can take a hymn book if we wanted one so I took one. There are some really cool Tongan Hymns in there. They mostly talk about island life and God. Cool stuff. I bought those knives up in Edmonds because one of the guys in the ward worked at SOG and got us a great discount. I bought them for like $14 when there original price is like $50 or something. I sent them home because there is no use for them here.

Transfers are this Tuesday. Elder Toelupe is getting transferred and we are both pretty sad. It will be a good next transfer. I didn't know you got the newsletter as well. How long have you been getting that?

Well I hope you have a great week!


Elder Moulton


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