July 25, 2016


Duvall Ward (Redmond Zone)


Elder Toelupe

This week

Hello Mom!

Pioneer day here is almost non existent. I totally forgot about it until we started singing pioneer songs in church, and some of the talks were on pioneer stuff. The rest of the day really didn't feel like pioneer day. Oh well! It sounds like the girls will have a fun time doing the parade this year. I hated that parade, and I am glad I only did it once.

It is super cool that Anne is taking lessons from Steve call. She will probably go to BYU. I bet she is learning lots and is growing as a musician. I am glad I was able to take trumpet lessons when I did as well as piano lessons.

Thanks for the talk! I will print it off and read it for my studies tomorrow morning!

So the whole thing with the cat. We opened the door and this cat was sitting outside our apartment. We were petting it and what not. I then thought, "man this cat is fat. If I put something on it, it probably won't get it off". So I grabbed some bologna from the fridge and put it on the cat. It took a really long time for the cat to get it off.

So the Moulton family is in the Duvall ward. We stopped by their house to end the night. I just wanted to know how we were related. He asked me what my grandpa did as a job. I told him lots of stuff. He then asked if he owned a tractor shop and told him yes. I told him it was Micheal Moulton and he knew. He told me that his dad is grandpa's second cousin and they were like best friends in high school. He called his dad and told him the news and he knew all the same family history I know. Cool yeah?

I will send Grandma a happy birthday email. We were able to talk to the 5 new investigators but some of them weren't interested any more. We did find a new family that was able to come to church. She seems to like church a lot and the kids semi enjoyed it.

Sorry I don't really have any pictures this week. I will try and take some new ones this week. Hope you have a great week!


Elder Moulton


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