June 27, 2016


Duvall Ward (Redmond Zone)


Elder Toelupe

It's Getting Hot Here Too!

Dear Mom,

I am doing great! I was transferred to the Duvall ward in the Redmond stake. It's quiet and small and I love it. I went from the noisy ghetto city to the nice and quiet farm land full of white people. Seriously, everywhere I looked there were black people, and now everywhere I look there are white people. It's kind of strange. My new companion is Elder Toelupe. He is from Hawaii and he is half Samoan and Tongan. I went straight from the Tongan ward to be with a Tongan. At least I have some common ground with him now, especially food! We work well together and we get a long great.

Everything is going well. When I mean gossip, it isn't bad or degrading, it's more like people talking about people in other areas and stories about them. Like when I cut my finger, that spread throughout the mission and everyone knew. Or when someone does somethings stupid, people find out and tell everyone they know. So I guess in a way, I have been a victim of the gossip. It hasn't really made me feel bad about myself or anything. Most of the missionaries love each other and are really good friends. It's all good in the hood.

I kinda feel the same way about being a child of God. It's one of those things I am still trying to figure out. Every time I feel the spirit strongly or I experience miracles, that is when my testimony of being a child of God grows. I think once I start having children of my own, I will realize the same things you did when you had us. Thanks for sharing that with me.

I have been a little sick this week. I thought I had the flu or something because I was achy and I was super tired and what not. I just got some sleep when ever I could through out the day and I started to feel better. Today I don't have a voice. I woke up to say the prayer and my voice was gone. Hopefully I will be completely better by the end of the week.

Girls camp sounded like it was fun. Was it for the ward or was it on the stake level? I miss going to camps. I learned so much and I had a great time. I am kind of sad that I missed out last year, but all the boys were super young and it wasn't really fun with them. Hopefully some time in the future I will be involved in youth so I can do those things with them.

How long have you been doing extra side jobs? It sounds like it was interesting to do that event. Where was the even held?

The whole gay pride stuff is going on right now. They had the naked bike ride and then they had the parade and some other things as well I think. I am glad I didn't get transferred there!

I think in the next package you could send some medicine like mucinex and sudaphed. Just stuff to get over colds. Are you going to send more short sleeve shirts and more garments? Gift cards would be great but you don't have to get any if you don't want to :)

Well I will try and steal some pictures from my companion so I can send them to you. I hope you have a great week!


Elder Moulton


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