June 13, 2016


Myers Way Tongan Ward (Seattle Zone)


Elder Sandstrom


Hello Dad!

This week was pretty good. It was a little slow but we made it a good week.

The family we were teaching got scared off by the bishop:( It's alright though! We will find another family to teach!

It is a very weird to think about the stake presidency talking about me and the other missionaries in the stake. What do you even talk about? Are you even aloud to tell me? It's ok if you can't!

It makes me sad to hear some of the bad things missionaries do while on their missions. When a missionary gets sent home, everyone talks about it and you always figure out why they went home. The mission took away hanging out with other missionaries on pday because they wanted to slow down gossip, but it still gets around. Was your mission the same way? Were there disobedient missionaries that would get sent home because of what they did? Before my mission, I thought every missionary was good and obedient. Mind blown. I'll let you know that I am trying my hardest to be obedient and I will be for the rest of my mission.

Most of the investigators haven't really had a problem with tithing. Most of the time, you teach it at the towards the end of when they are close to baptism. The people I've taught are pretty cool with it and understand it. Fasting on the other hand has been a little more difficult. But for the most part, each investigator has his or her own struggle with at least one thing. That is why it is important for us as missionaries to be obedient so we can bring the spirit into lessons, so the people will be able to understand why they need to do those certain things they struggle with.

Well thanks for sending me and email this week. I really do appreciate it. I hope you can have a great week. By the way, when do you move jobs, or have you already done that? Anyways thanks for all you do!


Elder Moulton


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