June 19, 2016

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Eric Moulton


The Dear Matthew,

I can't believe its the middle of June. It doesn't really feel like summer for some reason. Maybe because its been so cool this year. We really haven't had too many hot days.

You asked about the stake presidency talking about missionaries. We always pray for the missionaries from our stake, but we don't talk about specific missionaries most of the time unless there is a problem. They all ask how you are doing now and then, so you come up more than most just because you're my son. Pres. Jacobson is on your email list, so once in a while he'll mention something that you wrote, but not very often.

Speaking of Pres. Jacobson, he's going in to have his other hip replaced a week from tomorrow. I guess the one that he had operated on is finally to the point where it is feeling normal again, so now he gets to do it al over again.

I remember being disappointed that all missionaries weren't as obedient as they should be. It was a surprise to me as well. There were definitely some who weren't there for the right reason. It is sad. In Japanese, a naughty kid is said to be "wampaku", so we said that disobedient missionaries were "wamp". I don't remember any missionaries being sent home from our mission though. I know that is Pres. Jacobson's worst fear, and it was my Dad's as well, that a missionary would get sent home. That's why Pres. Jacobson spends so much time interviewing prospective missionaries. I'm sure glad you are trying to be obedient. If you end up with a companion that is disobedient at some point, make sure you stand up to him and don't let him drive the companionship.

We actually moved locations at work a couple of weeks ago. I'm still doing the same job, but just from a different location. Technically, we're part of Orbital ATK - San Diego, but so far I haven't had to travel to San Diego. Our new location is in the main building that you can see off of Bacchus Highway, so it's actually a few minutes closer to home for me. So far the move hasn't been too bad and it's nice to be out of our old building because it's just depressing with it getting cleaned out. I still have one project that is being worked on in the old building though, so I have to go back there a few times a week.

I found a really cool jazz song on Pandora that features a trumpet player named Walter White. I couldn't wait to share it with your mom and sisters, but they weren't very impressed. I'll have to play it for you sometime when you get home. Maybe you'll appreciate it. I guess that's kind of like being a missionary. You have something that you think is great that you want to share with people, but then a lot of times they aren't very impressed. It's exciting when they do appreciate it though.

For Father's Day, your mom gave me two jazz CDs that feature trumpet players (Wynton Marsallis & Miles Davis), so I guess I'm improving my library with more trumpets.

I'm still working on getting the van put back together. I finally got everything cleaned up so I can put it back together, so maybe I'll find out if I've fixed it soon. I ended up helping the Tates with a problem on their van yesterday. They had the bolt that holds one of the arm rests on break off. Of course, it ended up being much more complicated than it should have been, but we eventually got the broken stub of the bolt out and a new one in. They were sure grateful for my help. I enjoy helping others, but the Tates always feel like they have to give me something for my help. At least it keeps us in their good raspberry/peach jam.

Well, keep up the good work. We're glad you're where you are and that you're doing what you're doing.



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