February 1, 2016

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Eric Moulton


Dear Matthew,

How are you doing. I don’t mind if you type in all caps. I understand about it taking a long time to write even with two good hands. When I type on my iPad with one hand, it seems like it takes forever to write anything.

I’m sorry to hear that you were in so much pain after the surgery. I suppose that was due to the fact that you had nerves reattached. It’s interesting that it hurt more after the surgery than after you cut it initially. What did they give you for the pain? Did the doctor say that you could start using your injured hand or do you have to wait for a while longer? I wouldn’t be supersized if he encouraged you to use it, but it might not be very comfortable to do so. I’ve found after surgery that I always feel like I’m more limited than I probably really am. It usually feels like I’m going to damage the repair, but I think our bodies are more resilient that we think.

I took a look at the SOG website. They have some cool and expensive stuff. While I always like a good multi-tool, the tomahawks are interesting. Does this member get a discount because he is an employee? That’s quite the discount.

Well, stake conference is over for 6 more months. The meetings were good. Especially the Saturday evening session, as usual. There was an older brother that was baptized less than a year ago who told his conversion story. It was very interesting. He got introduced to the church 15 years ago because his neighbor was the bishop and asked him to be the scoutmaster in the ward. Apparently he had several callings over the years, even though he wasn’t a member. He had read the Book of Mormon 5 times before he got baptized. He said he knew he the church was true, but wouldn’t admit it. His wife passed away a couple of years ago and he decided to go to South America. On the flight from Utah to Los Angeles, he ended up sitting next to a couple of missionaries that were headed to the Mexico MTC. They talked on that flight and then on a different flight to Mexico City, he ended up right next to them again. They told him that if he joined the church he could be sealed to his wife for eternity. That hit him really hard. He said if the missionaries would have told him that years ago, he might have been baptized. He ended up getting baptized while he was in South America and when he got back to Utah, his daughter gave him a present that had been wrapped by his wife. Inside was a Book of Mormon that she had read and marked up with a note saying that she had investigated the church as well and believed. It’s amazing how the Lord works. Sometimes you might think you aren’t having an effect as a missionary, but you really never know what might come from someone you talk to or teach.

Well, I hope you have a good week and that your finger is feeling better. Keep doing good and be obedient.

Love you,
Eric Moulton


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