September 28, 2015


Bellevue YSA (Bellevue Zone)


Elder Bitton

This week

Hello everyone!
This week was fantastic! I am getting better and better every day at talking to strangers. It actually isn't that bad once you realize you'll never see them again. I am learning to show love towards everyone. It makes missionary work so much easier when you can love someone. The members in our ward trust us so much that they pour out their feelings to us. We help them to the best of our abilities. They always say that we help them out. That always makes me happy. I love making people happy.
Since my birthday was sunday, I got lots of birthday wishes from the ward members. We had a member dinner with like 12 people which was pretty crazy. We had breakfast for dinner which was pretty cool. They also sang to me. One dude was like, "Elder Moulton, can I play the didgeridoo for you?" I was like what the heck he does not have one. He goes to his room and brings out a pretty good sized speaker system. He then goes back and gets the didgeridoo. He then proceeds to play. It was the most hilarious thing I have ever heard. Me and my companion were laughing our heads off. I am super sad that this is the last week of transfers. I might get moved to a different area. I was just starting to get to know the ward. Maybe in the next ward, I will try to get to know people quicker.
One thing I have found that helps me is to pray for charity. I have found that when I do this, I have an easier time talking to people, even if they don't like me. Charity is the pure love of Christ. May everyone follow the example of Jesus and strive to love everyone.
Thanks for all the birthday emails! It really means a lot to me!
I can't wait to tell you all what happens this week, next week. Sometimes I wish I could just tell people what happens in my day, but it is one sacrifice necessary to serve a mission.
I love you all!
Elder Moulton


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