August 31, 2017

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Week 3

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Kumusta po kayo mga pamilia at mga kaibigan!
Well, I've finally made it halfway through the MTC!  It has been a really long three weeks.  I have to apologize for not sending out a group email last week.  I was feeling really stressed and I didn't get around to it.  These have been by far the hardest three weeks of my life.  I have been really homesick.
The last few weeks have been really busy.  I am in class for about 6 hours a day, learning Tagalog, preparing lessons for our "investigators," and reading in the Book of Mormon, or ang Aklat ni Mormon as we call it now.  They make for some really long, hard days.

The language is kind of coming a long, and it is pretty amazing what I've learned in just three weeks.  I think that I have learned more about Tagalog here than I did in two years of Spanish during high school.  It still is pretty difficult.  The words are kind of ridiculous, with faith being pananampalataya and Almighty is pinakamakapangyarihan.  It makes some sentences really long!  It is pretty nice though because every word can be pieced apart, so it kind of makes sense.  For example, the word for Savior is Tagapagliktas.  -Liktas, the base word, means to save, and tagapag- means one who does.  So Tagapagliktas literally means "one who saves" or Savior.  It makes much more sense than English where you can have some really long word for no reason.
I currently have two invesitgators, both are actually my teachers.  They each took on personas of people that they taught in their missions.  One investigator is Katherine and the other is Uere.  Even though it is all practice teaching and they aren't actually investigators, there have been some really amazing moments.  Hearing them pray for the "first time" after we teach them how to has been one of my favorite parts.  The only problem with the teaching is that it has to be in Tagalog.    I feel like I know the doctrine pretty well, it just gets really hard to communicate those ideas in a different language.
I have come to love the scriptures more than I ever thought was possible in the three weeks I've been here!  Everyday, I am able to discover something new from scripture that I have read several times before.  Something that I learned this week was from an Ensign article.  I got curious last week of how many names Christ is given in the Book of Mormon and I found an article that listed them all.  Christ is given 100 different names throughout the Book of Mormon and is mentioned every 1.7 verses on average.  It is amazing how much the Book of Mormon speaks of Christ!  The Book of Mormon truly is "Another Testament of Jesus Christ."  I know that the Book of Mormon is true with all of my heart!  It is such an amazing book!
Another thing that I love about the MTC are the devotionals.  Since I've been here, I have heard from two Apostles, Kenneth Cope, a member of the Seventy, the Managing Director of the Missionary Department, and a member of the Presiding Bishopric.  The Spirit I am able to feel during those devotionals is pretty amazing.
Well, I love you guys so much!  I want you to know that I know that God lives!  He loves each of us and wants us to do the best we can.  I know that Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and He lives as well!  Just like the one of my favorite hymns says "What joy this sentence gives!"
Love,Elder Allred
P.S.  Be sure to write!  I love hearing from all of you!

These are a few pictures of my district!

Laugh your heart out,
Dance in the rain,
Cherish the moment,
Ignore the pain,
Live, laugh, love,
Forgive and forget,
Life's too short to live with regrets!

Debbie Allred


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