September 11, 2017


Feng Jia--Taichung City


Elder Brooks

Flirt to Convert

This week was awesome. We had zone conference in Daya, which was super sick.  President Teh taught us, "Don't fake it till you make it, fix it!"  He was addressing the thinking that a lot of people have going into a hard thing. If they fake it long enough they can eventually make it, but sometimes some people come back from a mission realizing they have been faking it for two years!  We really need to break down our weaknesses and work on those, and then we can make it.  "The greatest battles are won in the tents of generals."

Also, I met I ton of random people from North Carolina this week!  Two brothers were from Greensboro, and one of them goes to school here now so we were able to teach him this week!  Also, I met a guy from Tennessee and told him I was from Winston-Salem, and he said he grew up in Winston!  Best part, he said I sounded like I was from North Carolina. Apparently I slip into the southern twang when others talk that way.

We also were able to have a member named Kobe help us contact and teach all day on Wednesday. He is 19 and a baller. The best part was after a lesson with a girl, he asked her for her Facebook, line, and Instagram.  Elder Brooks and I didn't know what he was doing until he looked at us and gave us a sly wink. I guess it’s okay to flirt to convert as long as it’s the members doing it and not us!  

Love you all,
Elder Marsh


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