August 29, 2017


Feng Jia--Taichung City


Elder Brooks

Night market

August 28, 2017

FengJia is wild!  The night market here gets crazy at nights and is impossible to get through. It is the biggest one in Taiwan, which is sick when you want something to eat, but not so sick when you have to get to a lesson on the other side!  They also hosted this anime thing the other day where hundreds of people were dressed up like characters.  It freaked the jeepers out of me.

Yesterday at church we had both Mr. Wangs at church, which is super cool.  I have no idea what the younger Wang ever says because he is from Beijing and has this gnarly accent and talks under his breathe.  From what my companion tells me he says, he is super awesome.  We asked him to be baptized, and he basically said "duhh".  So we are stoked to keep working with him and develop is testimony.

After church we went to Li mama’s house for dinner.  She loves missionaries and wants to do anything to make their lives as comfortable as possible, so she feeds us every Sunday.  We asked her what english she knows so she stood up from the table and gave me a high-5 and said, "Sup Brother".  She is the hippest old lady I know.

The work here is so awesome.  The people here are just kind.  I love the people and this gospel.

Elder Marsh

Hey dad,
That trip sounds so awesome and on the fly! This week was probably the best.  I pray everyday to develop an even greater love for the people.  You can have the mindset that you are on the Lord's errand, but if you don’t develop the thinking that everyone is a child of God, in need of this message, it makes it super hard.  I see this to be true as Friday and Saturday were slower days, people not showing much interest, but I had that mindset of love towards the people.  On both days Elder Brooks and I were given 8:55 miracles where we found new investigators right before we were going to go back to our apartment.  Sometimes He tests our faith, but as we are faithful, blessings come. I love this gospel and I don’t want to be anywhere else.

The language is coming. For the first 12 weeks we have to focus on our phase 1 vocab and passoffs which is all gospel but then after we finish that, we can start phase 2 which is just common words. Once you start phase 2 people start to understand what others are saying so it’s good.

Elder Marsh


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