August 7, 2017


Feng Jia--Taichung City


Elder Brooks

Burnt out Candle

This was a super awesome week once again!  We went on our first exchanges this week. I was with Elder Councill in Daya, so we rode our bikes to that area on Thursday.  The exchanges ended up being longer than 24 hours because we were cruising back to our area on Friday when I see Elder Councill kind of collide with another moped!  No one was hurt, but the moped had scratches on it so the lady wanted us to pay 2000 kuai, but we didn’t know who's fault it was.  The police came and basically asked us what the laws were in the US and told us to figure it out.  So we had to go to a moped store and get an estimate, and it was actually 3000 kuai.  Since we didn't know whose fault it was, we ended up having to call president to see what to do. He basically said to get it down as low as possible, pay it and get back to work.  Yeah so 3 hours after collision time, we were back to work! 

I really love the area that I am in.  The people are so awesome, especially the teenagers.  One of the biggest problems here is people wanting to get baptized, but there is family opposition.  The law says you need a parent signature all the way until you are 20 years old, so we get these awesome 18 and 19 year olds but their parents won’t sign the papers. All you can do is have faith the parents will have a change of heart or the kids keep that desire until they are 20.  The younger generation is so prepared, but other people's agency gets in the way sometimes.

Guan 長老, in our ward went out with us the other night.  Our investigator did not show up, but he said he knew a less active who lived by who was going to college.  We met with him and read scriptures with him.  He looked like a burnt out candle with a wet wick.  He had not been reading his scriptures, going to church, or praying.  He had lost his fire.  He made this comment that was like sometimes people do things to you that are offensive and sometimes you have to stand back and see where they are coming from and where you are coming from.  Then Guan 長老 said something that really had an effect on him.  "Yes sometimes that does happen, but it is also necessary that we move forward."  He was at church the next Sunday and was passing the sacrament.  Let us all bask in the light of the Lord and move forward with faith.

Love you all,


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