July 17, 2017


Feng Jia--Taichung City


Elder Brooks

7 Eleven Liu

I love Taiwan more and more everyday.  They have some sort of simplicity about them that just seems so sophisticated.  No matter what is going on, the scooters just keep whizzing by.  We are in the midst of mango season which also means its manguo bing season.  They kinda freeze milk and shave it like shaved ice. They put some fresh mango on it and some mango ice cream on top (pic below) and serve to you for like 2 bucks. That’s dinner.  

Also, just about everywhere you go they have weird sculpture things or intriguing architecture that you would only expect to find in Asia.  I took a picture with this red thing with my Book of Mormon because the Book of Mormon is cool.  There is this super awesome cool park called MVP that has this weird building and bridge over a pond, with a million coy fish, planted right in the middle of a bunch of buildings.  (It also has a lot of people to talk to;)

Sometimes it rains in the middle of nowhere, and you get soaked but that is okay because it is a million degrees outside, and you can just cruise it into a 7-eleven.  There are about 5000 7 elevens in Taiwan, and just as many family-marts, so sometimes we do these things called 7-Routes where we just go from one 7 to the next talking to people sitting at tables.  We found this super sick kid named Liu(or 6) in a Family mart. We gave him a lesson about the Book of Mormon and invited him to read and set up to meet the next day.  The next day he apologized that he didn't read very much, just the first 7 chapters, and then he invited himself to church.  He came to all hours of church, and then we had a lesson after, and he accepted a soft invite for baptism!  All this in 3 days.  The Lord really does prepare people for us to teach. This is a picture of us with him in the basement of a 7.

The Book of Mormon really does bless people’s lives and has a powerful impact on others.  The moment you pull it out in conversation, you can immediately feel the spirit testifying of it.  

I love you all
Elder Marsh


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