July 10, 2017


Feng Jia--Taichung City


Elder Brooks

I made it!

I just arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday night, and I love it already.  We took a "party" bus down to the mission home where we stayed for two nights to do orientation and random stuff.  It was kinda boring, but Sister Teh makes the best meals with a ton of fresh fruit and Philipino dishes.  The second day we got assigned our trainers and got shipped out (took a taxi) to our areas.  My companion is Elder Brooks from Utah, and we are in a part of Taichung City call Feng Jia.  I have never seen so many BMWs, Mercedes, Audis, and Maseratis in my life.  Riding your bike is a game to try to not dent sports cars.  The food here is bomb! and costs like 2 bucks for a big meal.  The best is Wintermelon tea mousse. It’s funny because everyone walks around with little plastic bags of tea.  Our ward building is like a 5 minute bus ride from our area, and is on the 19th floor of a high rise, which is the tallest church building in Taiwan.  Yesterday at church, I maybe understood one sentence anyone said. They have no mercy on us missionaries!  

We have been trying hard to really get people to commit to keeping commitments.  People here are so nice, so anybody will give you their number, but they won’t ever answer or meet with you when you set it up.  We have some really cool investigators who we are working with.  We have an 18 year old who started meeting with us again because he finished his college tests.  He set a date to get baptized, but we have to get his mom to approve before we can go through with it (you have to be 20 to be baptized without parent permission).  

I love Taiwan and love working with the people here.  We have really been focusing on the power of the Book of Mormon and getting members to share it with friends.  We have challenged a few to write their testimonies in the front and place it with someone they think can benefit from it.  I challenge you to do the same thing.  The Book of Mormon is so special and is the center of our religion so it’s important to share that with people.

I love you all
Elder Marsh


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