June 26, 2017


Provo Missionary Training Center


Elder Bennett

Big Ones

Nimen hao!!

This week is a little crazy.  All twelve of the apostles and both Uchtdorf and Eyring are on the MTC campus training the new mission presidents!  Yesterday, I was walking to the front desk when this guy grabbed my shoulder and asked where I was going.  I told him,”the front desk”, but he was like, "no, where are you serving?"  So my companion had a little conversation with him and his wife.  I saw his wife's name tag but he did not have one.  It wasn't until 30 minutes later, when I was talking to another missionary, that I realized he was an apostle! It was Gary E. Stevenson.  I am so dumb. I guess that’s why he didn’t have a name tag on— because you are kinda supposed to know who these people are.

WE GOT FLIGHT PLANS ON FRIDAY!! We are heading out a week from today.  We fly through San Francisco and then to Taipei on a 14 hour flight. You better believe I’m bringing hecka pass along cards for the airport and that flight!

I decided this week to start reading in the gospels to study the life of Christ.  When He healed the leper, in Matthew 8, I love how after He healed him He told the leper to tell no man of what had just happened, but give the gift that Moses commanded, that of a testimony.  Testimonies are such powerful tools in touching people’s hearts, and I know that is true!

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