June 12, 2017


Provo Missionary Training Center


Elder Bennett

Be where you are and ask questions

This week was fantastic! The first full week in the new buildings and they are wonderful!  Apparently, while our zone was in a meeting with our branch presidency, some elders from the other zone were sitting out in the ponder room on the 6th floor, right outside of our meeting, taking a little snooze.  When one of them woke up, he saw a man he thought looked familiar looking out the window.  When the man turned around it was President Uchtdorf haha and we got out of our meeting 2 minutes too late, so we just missed him. 

A bunch of the elders in my zone are leaving tonight, going to Hong Kong, Virginia, and Taiwan, but on Wednesday we are getting 28 new Elders and Sisters in our zone. It’s going to be huuuge.  The MTC in total is receiving 700 new missionaries just this week!!

Last week we got a new Branch President named President Shumway. He is one of the most solid men I have ever met.  He served as the Mission President in the Oklahoma Tulsa mission before, so he has so many stories about missionary work, and he has advice for us going out.  His advice is always backed by evidence and stories that he experienced in the mission field serving as President.  Yesterday, during our zone training, he taught us a few things.  First, he said we need to "Be where you are".  This means while you are serving, you are always going from visit to visit, but you need to realize that when you are on a mission, you are out to teach everyone.  So teach people on the bus to and from your visits. Teach people at the stores. Teach people that you pass on the street.  Second, he taught us how to teach using questions.  He said we need to ask a question in the first 30-45 seconds of our lesson. Inspired questions are not always spontaneous. You don’t ask questions to get an answer, but to get a response, and the Holy Ghost has a hard time interrupting if you won’t stop talking every once in awhile.  When he implemented the principles with the missionaries within his mission, he watched the continuing investigators soar and baptisms increase.  These actually allow you to get to your investigator’s heart and not bore them to death.  I love the mission!  Sorry no pictures this week

Till next week

To John he wrote:

I just realized how much I take after you.  I was sitting at my desk studying and I looked down at what I was wearing, and it reminded me of you. I was wearing a white shirt, one button unbuttoned, some of those Hanes pajama shorts, and dress socks. All I was missing was a bowl of cereal! You are going to have to send me pics of Taiwan when you get back.  I am so ready to get out in the field, but I know that I still have some work to do.  My Branch President said that in the mission president's handbook it says "By virtue of your call, you are certified and qualified to begin your service immediately."  My service doesn’t start in Taiwan but 6 weeks ago preparing to better speak and teach the people.

You always have to sharpen the ax.

Elder Marsh


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