May 15, 2017


Provo Missionary Training Center


Elder Bennett

The Stonecutter

nimen hao yall,

This week was another fantastic week in the MTC.  The highlight for sure though was being able to talk with my mom and the other Elder Marsh on Mother’s Day.  The best part of the MTC has got to be the devos (devotionals) and firesides.  I don’t remember exactly who I heard it from, but someone told us the story of the stone cutters.  The story of the 3 stonecutters goes like this.  A man walks up to 3 men cutting stone to haul off to the temple site. He asks the first stone cutter, "What are you doing?"  He replied, "I'm cutting stone."  The man then asks the second stone cutter, who looked a little happier than the first, “What are you doing?” He replied "I'm earning money to feed my family."  The man finally asks the third stonecutter, beaming from ear to ear, "What are you doing?" He replied, "I'm building a house of the Lord."

I love this story because it shows that everything is about perspective and purpose.  Right now I am learning a language that is not the easiest thing to learn.  I could easily say, "I'm just learning Chinese" or "I'm learning a language that will help me later on,” but when I say that, “I’m learning to communicate with others with the purpose to invite others to come unto Christ,” my whole attitude changes.  Remember to always keep the right purpose in mind for whatever you are doing, and you will be blessed!

Ma zhang lao


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