May 8, 2017


Provo Missionary Training Center


Elder Bennett

Love Affair

Thanks mom for the wonderful email!!!

I had a great first week in the mtc! Every day really does feel like a year.  When I was in the airport going out to SLC, there were a bunch of Elders and Sisters returning home from their missions.  One of the Elders, while we were walking to the baggage claim, pulled me aside, put his arm around me and told me, "The most success as a missionary comes from when you humble yourself.”  I think those are such great words of advice for a new Elder.  The Mandarin is so very hard, but I am confident that I will be able to learn it.  I was told that Mandarin is hard to learn, but easy to master.  On the second day we were expected to teach an investigator in Mandarin haha.  We went in knowing we would not be able to answer any of his questions, so we just read a script. We were hoping to get in and out, but then he asked us a question. We spent many minutes of silence, and flipping through the dictionary, trying to figure out what he was saying.

Yesterday, Sunday, was my favorite day.  We first had fast and testimony meeting and a couple of firesides/devotionals. During the evening fireside, the speaker spoke about how we need to create a love affair.  A life long love affair with the Book of Mormon.  He challenged us to do three things: 1. Create that love affair 2.  Apply patterns and teachings from the Book of Mormon into our lives 3. Share the Book of Mormon with those around us.  After this fireside, we watched Elder Bednar’s Character of Christ talk that he gave some time ago.  He also encouraged us to gain a love for the Book of Mormon.  He said if you have a questions, get a blank copy of the book (the kind the missionaries hand out) and read it cover to cover marking anything and everything that helps answer that question.  By the time we are his age, we should have a couple hundred Books of Mormon up on some shelf somewhere.  He then testified that by doing this, we can gain an unwavering conviction of the gospel, not just a testimony. For a testimony is not enough.  I hope we all can get that conviction and our own surety of the divinity of the gospel.

Love you all,
Ma zhong lao


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