March 18, 2019


Donying--East Taichung


Elder Loe


Hi y'all!
Everyday is such a surprise as to what is in store for Elder Loe and me, like when no more than 5 minutes ago my comps tooth exploded and we have to go to the dentist now...but the dentist is always fun so it's chill. 

The other day we ran into a man that didn't seem to be from Taiwan, more like the Middle East. He didn't tell us where he was from and started by saying his country hates Christians and America...Turns out he's from Iran and is also Christian. He had to flee from his country to France and then to Taiwan. He taught us that we have to speak from the heart or the word doesn't penetrate others’ emotions.

Later that night we had a member bring her friend to church to meet with us. He was from Indonesia and was Muslim. Though he can't come to church or be baptized, we shared our personal experiences with God and received a greater respect for other religions. It's like President Nelson who recently met with the Pope and shared how they discussed and celebrated the similarities among our religions. We don't always have to talk about the differences.

Then, on Sunday a deaf man came to church, and I used pad and pen to communicate with him. I was able to tell him, "Jesus loves you" using the only sign language I know!
The gospel is true, but it does not have a monopoly on the world’s happiness. Look around and see the good in the diversity all around. Celebrate it!

With love,
Elder Marsh


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