February 18, 2019


Donying--East Taichung


Elder Loe

Not a Coincidence!

A nice little surprise came this week to all missionaries around the globe relating to how we communicate with family. We can now Skype, call, and text family members every Monday allowing for a more family involved missionary service. I like the change. I can now rely on my mom again to help me with all my needs like how to sew a button, cook food, make a sandwich, and match my clothes. Sorry mom. I'll be calling every week:)

I love being in this area with my companion, Elder Loe. We talk a lot about hunting and guns. (He is from Delta, Utah.) We have set some nice lofty goals to help us stay motivated and running forward. We found a lady this week that can only be explained as a God-sent miracle.  We planned to go visit one of the 17 parks in our area, that we have never been to before, to check it out. No real good reason. We just felt it to be a good idea. We got to the park, parked our bikes and sort of stood on the sidewalk eyeing all the old people (the ones that can ONLY speak Taiwanese) second guessing our decision to go there. That was the moment that a lady approached us asking if we were the people that go to that big white church with the steeple. A little odd, given we were pretty far from the chapel and not many people recognize our church as a church do to the lack of a cross ornamenting the front of the building. She started to cry and said she had been having some troubles recently, and her husband told her to go find a church. She asked why we were here, because when she found us we looked really confused. We told her that we honestly don't know but believe God sent us here to find her. We asked her why she was there, and she said she had randomly come here the past 3 days to walk. Turns out she actually lives in our same apartment complex. This can't be a coincidence! She came to church the next day and the day after. She’s doing good!! Heavenly Father is so willing to help us when help is needed, and when we exercise our faith.

Love you all,
Elder Marsh


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