February 11, 2019




Elder Pi

I Moved Again

Hi, I moved!
This is probably going to be my last area so it's going to be a legendary time here! I’m now in Dongying, East Taichung with an Elder Loe. Lemme tell you about him:
-Delta Utah is his hometown,
-He catches horses out of the wild and trains them.
-He is the sixth great grandson of Robert E. Lee, and has his pistol passed down to him to prove it.
-He loves vanilla ice cream and shakes. Very original!
-We were in the MTC together, and so we are so stoked to have this chance to serve together!

Just kinda got settled in here after saying goodbye to everyone in Daya yesterday. We somehow convinced Sister Li to let us come see her at her house to say goodbye, and it was so cool. She has been meeting with us for a bit, but we have never been able to teach her husband. He was there and was so nice to us, and he thanked us multiple times for helping his wife and kids. When they gave us tea to drink, they ensured us it wasn't tea tea because she already looked up online all the commandments haha. She hopefully will be baptized next month! 

The Chinese New Years was so fun, and I'm ready for a break from eating. I ate way too much, but the members were awesome and it was good to go to all their houses before we left. 

We went to visit Sister Xiao at her post office to say goodbye, and she painted for us some 春聯s (those red things you put around the door.) They say 'Angels among men' and 'Messengers of Light'. Real cool to see the gospel and Chinese culture blend.

I’m living the life over here! 

The Church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

Love you all,
Elder Marsh


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