January 7, 2019




Elder Pi

Font Trouble

Daya is just bumpin'. That means Elder Pi and I are living the life. My companion is a pretty funny guy. He thinks our apartment is trash, which it is, but he has taken on the mission to fix this place up. I think they should just send him to all the apartments in the mission to fix everything up. We are switching up each day of speaking English and speaking Chinese. He wants to study in America after the mission, so he is learning to speak some very sophisticated English that even I don't understand. 

Saturday night was a bit of an adventure. At 6:58 the other Elders called us from the church (they had a 7 o'clock baptism) asking us how to work the font. They had filled the font all the way, but they had just realized that the drain was broken so all of the water had drained out, not to mention the water tank for the church was now empty and they couldn't fill it back up! We raced over to help out. We noticed the tank downstairs was empty, but the emergency fire water supply was completely full...we all decided this qualified as an emergency. So, as the Elders procrastinated the service in the other room by singing more and more songs, we went about pulling out the fire hose to fill the font up as someone stepped on the drain. From hearing a story from my brother's mission, I knew the water would come our dirty, so we first tested it in the sink. It appeared fine giving us reason to fill the font up, but after about 10 seconds the water started coming out dirt brown! We then had to empty the font, drain the hose into the toilet until it was clean enough and then fill the font up to knee height to have just enough water to get her completely under. Moral of the story: though the waters be brown as molasses, her sins shall be white as snow.

This is a good time to be doing the Lord's work!
Have a great week, and don't forget to smile!

Elder Marsh


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