December 24, 2018




Elder Degn

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!!!

We have just been lighting up Daya with so much holiday cheer that I don't know where to start! A few things that went down this week:
-Went caroling in an old persons’ home with some members. I wouldn't say it fits in the category of retirement home. They are all traditional Buddhism and just stare at you, but I think they enjoyed the visit.
-Did a lot of tracting door to door to try and find some families and we got the cops called on us twice. We had other appointments we couldn't be late for so we just booked it. 
-Ate a good "American" meal with the Huang family. They cooked us a bunch of steak and served chocolate cake at the end with some milk and called it dinner. Best meal in months.
-Did some surprise exchanges with some Elders in Qingshui. That place has a mountain in between our two areas so going there was do-able, but coming back it was steeper and I cramped up in my thighs. Treated the cramps with some KFC and we were off again. Actually, I wouldn't mind doing the ride there again—closest thing I've gotten to snowboarding on the mission!
-Had a couple of baptismal interviews for some people to get baptized this Saturday. Looking to have hopefully 4 people get baptized this Saturday between our area and Tanzi.
-Our mission had a service/Christmas scavenger hunt this morning with all the zones competing for a dinner on President. We went all out, but I don't know the results yet so we will see what happens....
-AND...Sunday we had the Christmas one hour service in our ward. I loved a talk that talked about changing our thoughts to be more centered on the Savior. For example, we sometimes ask, "Do I have to forgive this person?"or "Do I have to go talk to that lonely person?" but we need to change and think, "Does the Savior want me to forgive this person?" or "Does the Savior want me to talk to that lonely person?" I thought that was so cool and it can have an effect on our relationship with our Savior! Try it.

I'm super excited to talk with my family tomorrow morning, I love them!
Elder Marsh


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