December 17, 2018




Elder Degn

Christmas party and miracles

Happy happy holidays my family!

The Christmas cheer is encompassing this island! The Taiwanese don't know that, but we missionaries are spreading the Christmas spirit through our testimonies of Christ, testifying of his birth, life, and resurrection, and just serving!

I love everyday's new opportunities to just serve! Saturday was our stake Christmas party and all 10 missionaries in our chapel served as backup singers to a member singing a Taylor Swift Christmas song (lyrics edited to be about the Savior:)). It was a privilege to grace the stake with our semi-average voices. ALSO, so many people showed up and loved it, even the husband of our super amazing Sister LI (who we hadn’t been able to meet yet). They are a wonderful family with two super cute kids and the mom loves the Book of Mormon! She is just flying through it with so much understanding.

Here is a cool miracle! I was on exchanges this Thursday in the area I was trained in, when I had the idea to text Brother Wang. Elder Brooks and I helped baptize him back in training, but since then he hasn't been super active in coming to church. I acted on the prompting and then started biking down the road and no kidding, Brother Wang just walked around the corner and I almost ran into him! He hadn't gotten my text, but I think Heavenly Father just wanted me to show my faith and act first and He could then place me in the path of Brother Wang! Super cool! What a sweet reunion.

Well, keep spreading the Christmas Joy through your smiles and your acts of service!

Elder Marsh


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