December 10, 2018




Elder Degn

Mission Tour

This week was a quick one! We only were able to spend 3 days in our area because we had exchanges with the APs, a mission tour with Elder Homer of the Asia Area Presidency, and also a special mission leadership meeting with Elder Homer the next day. We were a little worried about being able to keep up with the work in our area due to the time limitation, but we saw some BIG miracles!

For the mission leadership meeting, all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders went down to Gaoxiong. For us people in Taichung, that is a 2 and half hour car ride (not mentioning evening traffic), so 8 of us in Taichung road-tripped it! So fun! Most of us came to Taiwan together, or had served in some of the same areas so we mainly just talked about some of the same crazy people we had run into in those areas. The actual meeting was only an hour and half, but we were able to go through some of the results of a survey our mission did and determine what we need to focus on going forward. Elder Homer is super powerful and reminded us it is our responsibility to help the missionaries BELIEVE, and promised us that there is so much in store for this mission. 

As for our area this week, we have two people who are looking super solid for their baptisms coming up later this month. Sister Xiao finally came to church, and she loved it. We also helped her place a Light the World poster in her post office—the first Christian thing in her house ever! Eason is just so soli. We are seeing him let the gospel change him. At church in Priesthood hour he shared an experience from earlier this week where he had gotten into an argument again with his family. He felt like he needed to do his part so he texted his family afterwards and apologized. That phased his family a bit because an apology has never been spoken in their family, and they asked him why he apologized. He said, "I apologize in the name of Jesus Christ!" and then his family started to argue with him and scold him again because of his Christian ways, BUT he had the faith and tried to do what Jesus would do! All the members love him so we are excited for him.

Love you all!
Do something nice for someone this week!
Elder Marsh


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