November 19, 2018




Elder Degn

The Lord is oblivious to the lines on the map.

Transfer day has come ANDDD Elder Degn and I will stay together in Daya! This week we have felt like we are on House Hunters International. We are supposed to be looking for a new pad here in Daya, so we looked up some apartments and went and viewed them. None of them exactly fit all the criteria so we are kinda lost as to what to do. BUT it's always a cool opportunity to share what we are doing, and why we are here, with all of the landlords. They think it’s so cool!

It always amazes me whenever we meet someone from China, how interested they are in the gospel. Elder Degn and I decided to go tracting in this gated neighborhood the other night, that he spotted a few weeks ago. He offered a pray for us that included, for some reason, a plea not only to open the hearts of those in Taiwan but also for those in China. No more than 15 minutes later we knocked on the door of a woman who was holding a 4 year old girl. She politely declined us coming in, because her husband was not home. Well, we didn’t even hear it coming, for at that same moment her husband rolls up in his Prius and waves for us to go in the house! This lady was straight with us that she is from China and always sees us on the streets but has no idea what we are doing. Usually people are not straight up with you about being from China, but she said she was a proud Chinese and her accent was pretty hard to understand. Most people are just interested in us and being American, but she had a true desire to learn our doctrines and why we are different. She guaranteed we could come back and teach her more! Right when we finished, her husband also had to leave again for work. Miracle.

Heavenly Father is preparing all of His children oblivious to the lines on the maps. He loves all of his children. I was so spiritually uplifted on Friday morning when all of the Taichung missionaries got the chance to hear from Elder L. Whitney Clayton and Elder Meurs of the Seventy at a special missionary meeting. Elder Meurs said that, "we need to celebrate where we are, and be completely dissatisfied". We always have more to do! Elder Clayton is just a spiritual giant and talked about the little things that lead to great things. If we always forget the little things, we may not realize it in the short term but it makes all the difference in the long run!

I love this work!
Elder Marsh


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