November 5, 2018




Elder Degn


Well, the dream has come true. I finally got to go back to my training area, after over a year of being away, and teach those people again! There is no other place like it. Everyone is super hip, there are so many people but the high rises are still going up, and the people are so willing to talk to you! 

There was a guy my trainer and I taught back when, who decided to stop meeting with us because coffee and tea are his life. Well, I told the Elder I was with that we had to stop by his house. Sure enough he was home, and we convinced him to let us in. We read with him in the Book of Mormon. We are banking on the promise that he can receive a true testimony of this book and he then will see the blessings of the commandments. So he's back, and they are now working with him!!

In our area this week, we dropped one guy we were teaching because he simply is not prepared. He has met for several years and understands the gospel fairly well, but he told us that his choice is to Not be baptized. We laid it out straight with him. We told him that this time meeting with elders is all a waste of time unless he accepts baptism. There is no other reason for learning about the gospel with missionaries. 坦率的。Agency is a real punch sometimes.

On a better note though, our members are real clutch and have been referring their friends to us to teach. This is missionary candy and so natural. I love when a member can tell their friend that this gospel really has use and they don't have to take it from two white kids in the street. Blessings on blessings.

I love this work and the gospel is perfect.
Elder Marsh


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