October 29, 2018




Elder Degn

Apostasy, Uber Eats and Pumpkin Pie

These past few days the streets have been full of Buddhist parades. No holiday—just activities that different temples put on. They are very crazy and testify to the apostasy. Each float has a massive speaker blaring pop music and a bunch of mostly guys smoking and chewing beetle nut (similar to dip) and carrying idols with fire shooting out of them. There are also a ton of fireworks that shut down the main roads. Surprisingly, not super good for missionary work.

We met a new lady this week that a member told us to go visit. She is convinced that we need to start an English class because we need to make money. She started calling all of her friends to get students for us. We told her that missionaries can't do that, and she said forget the rules haha. Then she said she was hungry and picked up the phone and ordered KFC for all of us. She then gave us money to go bike there and grab it for us. Our intended 30 minute lesson turned us into Uber eats, BUT she is referring her friends to our free English class, so it's going good!

And lastly, I went on exchanges in Qingshui with Elder Pixton, and we ate pumpkin pie. It tasted good.

Every week is so different, but the direction is fixed—up! Everything we do is for the eternal progression of God's children and helping them realize that. The Book of Mormon is given to us for that very purpose, to guide us to a testimony of these truths!

Have a good week,
Elder Marsh


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