October 22, 2018




Elder Degn

Be the Best YOU!

Okay, so to start I have to say how much I love being in this mission at this time. So much is going on, and progress is being made! This past week was full of meetings and conferences and exchanging with other companionships and progress!

My companion and I are cruising on the Chinese Book of Mormon, highlighting anything peculiar or that stands out because of the different language. It's cool that mom is doing that challenge (marking the references to Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon). I have this Book of Mormon from probably 10+ years ago that has the old Chinese translation and in it they bold type every reference to God or Jesus Christ, and every page has that bold print! I thought that was pretty cool.

Zone conference was a historic event where we talked about comparing ourselves to others and aspiring to positions. The point is that some people think that if they, for example, send a message into the mission group chat others will think they are kissing up to leaders. This conference’s purpose was to get rid of that mindset and just WORK! Heavenly Father has a specific plan for each and every one of us, and when we get caught up in comparing ourselves to other people and missionaries, it may seem unfair or you deserve more! President Card just invited us to turn our will over to the Lord and not worry about others, for if we do what we do for the right reason, we can feel true satisfaction. So yeah, turn YOUR will over to the Lord and be the best YOU!!

Elder Marsh


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