October 15, 2018




Elder Degn

Invitations and blessings

哇塞!DaYa is a magical place! Elder Degn and I have been running around inviting people to come to conference and inviting them to come unto Jesus Christ. It doesn't get much better than that. We talked to a lot of cool people on the streets and in the parks and in their houses, but no matter how many people we talk to, it seems like the people that we find just came to us! It must be as you show your willingness to the Lord, and let him know he can trust you, He blesses you!

This week's highlight reel:

- We went to visit a less active member and he wasn't there, but his non-member brother said we can come back the next day and teach him. Well, the next day he was not there, but his mom and dad were there, and we said why not we will teach them the Restoration. This dad is a Catholic and his hobby is smoking pipes, and he loves wearing Paisley shirts. Well, the Restoration hit him, and he loved it. After learning our church let's you eat pig blood (a Taiwanese speciality), he says he wants to be a part of our church!

- We started teaching a YuXuan, and after we taught him he said, "Can I hug you?" Haha he is a cool guy and this gospel will really change him. 

-Went to a member's house and both Elder Degn and I kept getting roasted! First, they said my Chinese was bad. Then I went to grab a piece of crust from the cheese cake and it crumbled in my fingers. I was like forget it, so I just tried to cut a piece of the cake and it just didn't work! Elder Degn and I were dying laughing and couldn't stop, mostly because they just said he looks like those blue avatar things, and we were just done. haha

- Every talk from general conference!! I especially liked the one from Elder Gay about seeing as the Lord would see people.

Love ya’ll!
Elder Marsh


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