August 20, 2018




Elder Ruan


Well, on Tuesday the day started out the same as others, and then it took a turn fast. First off, my companion and I went to the park to run, I did 10 laps and it was hard haha Sure has been awhile! But on the way home, somehow I got split up with my comp. I rode back to the park, and he was gone! Our zone leaders said to check the apartment and sure enough, he was there. Sketch.

Then a few minutes later the sisters called saying they were going to the hospital because Sister Hull has been sick lately and they thought it was appendicitis. THEN Elder Davis and Elder Hancock said their CO2 alarm had gone off, and they felt a little dizzy and nauseas and they were ALSO going to the hospital. So, we decided to ditch our plans and go care for our district. After a couple hours at two different hospitals, and a bunch of miracles, the elders got released (saying it was all mental and they had no CO2 in their blood), and Sister Hull didn't have appendicitis!  Afterwards some member made us spaghetti with REAL meatballs. I love members!
Well the rest of the week was all good too, and full of a bunch of rain. Lots of puddles and cars splashing us. We have transfer calls this week, so we will see what's happening there—especially since we have 27 missionaries coming on island. Exciting times!

I like this new article in the September Ensign about elephants and fathers (Read it. It’s cool). Recently, I have been looking at all the chaos in this world and have not been able to pinpoint the cause of such commotion and evil. I have come to realize that so many people, like the elephants, don't have a good example to look to to know what is the proper way to live. I can attribute my qualities to y'all and the example of my Savior, but it's so sad to know not everyone has parents that are leading them in such a way or have knowledge of Jesus Christ. What a time to not get caught in the commotion of the world and to lose ourselves in getting to work in His vineyard. I know there are prepared people out there, but there is no time to even try to comprehend how much work there is to do, just WORK!

Well, read the Book of Mormon this week! Be happy!

Elder Marsh


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