August 13, 2018




Elder Ruan

Taiwan, your gift is true?

TaiNan is proving her potential, and it's so cool to experience! This week was SPARTAN WEEK—the week where we just go all out because a lot of times in the middle of the transfer some people get lazy and  we don't find as many people. Everyday was filled with goals and challenges such as hug a grandpa, perform some acts of service or do district yoga!! 

On Tuesday, Elder Hancock and I went on exchanges and just went all out. We went and visited a member. Then we decided to tract around their house and miracles flew. Usually people don't really like you coming to their homes, but we found a family of 3 kids who all loved our message and invited us back when their parents were there. Also, we found another cool guy who was about to leave but had just enough time to listen real quick and set up to meet at a 7/11 later. Cool stuff.

Sunday we had stake conference with Elder Homer of the Asia presidency who came and spoke about prayer. He said that Heavenly Father answers most of our prayers. Sounds weird, but in reality sometimes we ask the wrong questions. Like, if we ask for a new car, He probably won't answer that prayer, but if we realize what we should ask, we can see Heavenly Father blessing us in all aspects and desires of our lives. 

Also, big surprise was when my mission president randomly selected me and another missionary to come up and bear testimony in conference. Definitely shocked me a bit haha, but it was a great opportunity to bear testimony of how following the example of Jesus Christ helps us  have an impact on those around us and bless us at the same time. I know that is true!

Love Elder Marsh


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