August 6, 2018




Elder Ruan

Marathon Training

Good stuff is happening over here in Asia! 

Had a cool experience with a college kid who said he would come to church, but he later texted us saying he slept in and won't have time until February!  That happens a lot here, where they can't meet until after their test. Through the Line app we asked him if he wanted to hear something cool. We told him about this marathon research President Card taught about where you run 10 minutes and walk 1 and, it’s actually more efficient then running the whole time. He said, “Woah that's cool,” and then we told him what is even cooler is that we are the same with our own lives! Through church we can be reenergized, and we can actually do better throughout the rest of our lives aspects, including tests and studying for those suckers. He said, "I get it! I get it! I need to come to church. I will try to wake up earlier next week!" Yes, he is right! Church is necessary and helps reenergize our Spirits and will bless us in more ways than possible.  

Elder Marsh

Mom how is the mission? Everything getting settled down at all? How is the Portuguese? It's still so crazy to think that we are all half way across the world but doing the same work, wearing the same tag.

This guy at English class the other day (an older guy) told us about how when his parents were alive all the siblings would see each other, but they have since separated after the parents died. He said it's like a Taiwanese idiom, which says that a family is like one of those wooden keg barrels with wood all around it and two metal bands holding them all together. The parents are the bands that hold it all together, and when they leave all the wood sticks (children) get separated. I thought, “huh! That's awfully sad!” I like to think we’ve just got one band. That's the gospel and the saving ordinances that keep us together, wherever we may be!

Love you mom!
When Portuguese gets tough, just be grateful it ain't Chinese✌️

Elder Marsh


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