July 30, 2018




Elder Ruan

Be happy no matter what

Hi y’all,
Everyday in Taiwan is a blast. Each day, after completing planning, you say to yourself, "oh great, just another day of the same thing." Then you get home and you think how in the world did the things that happened just happen??

Highlights of the week for sure had to be going to zone conference and going on exchanges with my zone leader, Elder Davis.

Zone conference was a big discussion about pday and the hours in the night and morning. I was supposed to translate for my companion, but every time I said anything he started dozing haha. Don't worry. I gave him a quick summary at the end.

After, we switched companions and went on exchanges. Elder Davis has got to be one of the coolest guys out here. He is from Maryland and is a lax bro that loves a good time and to work hard. We ran into a guy at the college who was this super preppy DC guy who also was a lacrosse player. Just to listen to them talk, I felt like I was in a comedy skit making fun of lacrosse player stereotypes. Low key out of the body experience.

At church a member brought a muslim guy who studies biomedical engineering at the college. He understood no Chinese, so I just taught him the first lesson and he taught me about Islam beliefs. I definitely will want to read the Quran sometime. We are actually meeting with him today at his lab so this’ll be some cool stuff. Hopefully, there are no cadavers. I'm not about that stuff.

I love every moment I'm able to serve my Savior. This gospel is the plan of happiness and that involves BEING happy, no matter the situation. I love that quote that says something like, “Circumstances don't make a man, they only reveal him unto himself.”

Elder Marsh


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