July 23, 2018




Elder Ruan

We All Have Scar Stories

Wow this was such a good first week in the TAINAN! My new area is so awesome, we have this huge college called Success College, and it draws a lot of foreigners here for its language program. It gives this area a cool different vibe. I have met some interesting foreigners. One guy was playing his guitar shirtless in the park and smoking a cigarette. He said he was a self proclaimed "spiritualist". Good music though!  

The food here is so good! My area is tiny (really tiny), and every street is full of food. I especially like the banana, chocolate, peanut butter, shaved ice dinner!

We have been busy trying to meet all the members and our investigators. We have some pretty strong faithful investigators but they have some family problems where they don't want them going to a Christian church so we praying for some miracles and some softening of hearts! One lady I think just wants to be our friend, but she has read the whole Book of Mormon and loved reading it so we are figuring that out haha. Another, she is only 19 and her dad is against Christianity so she will have to wait until January to get baptized. So solid! Another lady is 38, but her dad won’t let her come to church. We are having her exercise her faith and pray for her dad's heart to be softened, and she will talk to her dad on Saturday when her sister gets in town. Pray for her!

The companion is super cool. He is from a place around Taipei and speaks no English, so I feel my Chinese is getting pretty good already haha. 

I was reading the new Ensign for August and found a story about scars. We all have our scar stories, each scar has a long story behind it. For example the scar on my head from when my brother threw a wooden block at my head. Or when I ran into a door and had to go get stitches on my brother’s baptism day. It's not only us. The Savior also has his scar stories. We are his scar story. Those scars on his hands and feet remind him of each and everyone of us and He sacrificed his life for us. He won't forget us and he loves us. I know that!

Elder Marsh


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