July 2, 2018




Elder Matthew Bertha

Every missionary's dream

Sup folks

Let's start out with the good stuff! This week we had one of the coolest things happen to us, one of those experiences that you dream of as a missionary. A couple weeks ago we met this kid on the basketball courts who had done an exchange program in Texas and had converted to Christianity when there. His English is perfect, and the only thing he had heard about Mormons was that we had super strict rules. We got his contact information, and talked to him periodically, but then the other day we were contacting in the streets and got a text from him saying

Him: Hey wyd?

Us : Sharing about Jesus. What's up?

Him: I think I want to hear some of that 

And he was like, I got time right now. you can just come to my house. So we whipped on over real quick. He shared how he converted to Christianity, because he saw the negativity found in traditional Buddhist teachings and loved how he could always trust Jesus. He recently has had a little bit of a slump and family problems and doesn't know why.  We shared about the plan of salvation, the Book of Mormon and how trials are part of the plan. We shared our personal experiences about knowing the Book of Mormon is true and how knowing has helped us be confident and know our place in school and life—even among friends that maybe were not making the best decisions. He then said, "I was one of your friends, but I can't wait until I can be just like y'all."

Yeah, the gospel touches people! The Spirit has so much influence on those that are humble enough to listen. The great Mother Teresa said, 

"...Holiness is not the luxury of the few."

We are all entitled. It’s kinda awesome.

The gospel is kinda perfect.

Elder Marsh


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