May 7, 2018




Elder Matthew Bertha

Year 1

What a tight week, packed full of some good good missionary stuff! We had some exchanges with the zone leaders, some new revolutionary finding techniques, and the exciting announcement that mangoes are in season!

On Tuesday both Elder Bertha and I went to YuanLin to do exchanges in our zone leaders’ area. Both of them are leaving to go home after this transfer, so there was some good stuff to learn from them. He taught me that there comes a point in your mission that you have to decide if you’re going to be a missionary that goes out and works to make change, or the one that is obedient but doesn't really care about what effect you will have— you are just here because you should be. Super cool guys. We definitely had a good time especially at English class when one of the students brought his electric skate board. He accidentally slammed it back into reverse while going full speed and almost face planted haha. After class a group of English students were playing basketball in the gym so Elder Daines and I took them on 6v2. We won. Haha they don't play defense.

Elder Bertha and I came up with this idea where we take fake 1000 dollar bills and place them on the ground as we sit innocently waiting on the park bench next to the placed bait reading the Book of Mormon. People will walk by and some will realize it’s fake and walk on, but others will pick it up and see that on the back we wrote, "What is the meaning of value?" They all get a good laugh and are willing to talk, and it leads straight into a discussion about the Book of Mormon or families!

Also, we did some sort of Taichee thing in the park with a bunch of old people. Honestly, kind of nice and relaxing, but we were just hoping to befriend them and let them have a better opinion of us missionaries. I love these people too much!

Love y'all
Elder Marsh


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