April 30, 2018




Elder Matthew Bertha

Blessings all around

Blessings all around.

Miracle #1. We were sitting down for sacrament meeting kinda not expecting anyone else to show up when all of a sudden one of our investigators, Lucas, walks in with his wife and 3 kids. Then another investigator came in, and then another one showed up after sacrament meeting for the last 2 hours. Such a peaceful rushed Sabbath day!

Miracle #2. We met a group of 3 high school kids smoking cigs the other day, after getting some sweet potato ice cream at the Family Mart. They set up to meet Sunday night but one of them was like, “hey, come to my house for Sunday lunch.” We ate and just talked about life and his past and how Jesus Christ has helped him get over some tough things. We talked about the Book of Mormon, and he was loving it, and just had a humble desire to learn more about someone who has already given him so much peace. He more than willingly set up for us to come back today. His grandma loved us too and sent us on our way with a bag of raw linked sausages!

Miracle #3. I haven't contracted mono from Elder Bertha yet...send prayers ( he got it in the MTC. Maybe I could get it because at dinners all the food is in the middle and you just grab it with your chopsticks...)

Miracle #4.  I have the opportunity to serve in Taiwan and learn the scribble scrabble called Chinese! I love this place so much, and the people need this gospel that I know can bring them so much happiness.

Much love,
Elder Marsh


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