April 2, 2018




Elder Maughn

A Whole Lot of History

April 2, 2018

Hello hello,
First things first…we have been working hard and finding some amazing people to teach. On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Huang in our area, 南投。 We found this kid and his mom on the street. The mom told us the kid isn't doing anything with his life and needs to be a missionary like us. We were like woah woah—not so fast. You gotta take some lessons and be baptized first and wait a year. The mom said no problem. He is 17 anyways so we got their address to come over and teach them!

Also, we learned that the area our church building is in is full of history. When Taipei was first being developed and stuff, America came in to help them out and set up the area by the church as kind of a backup if things fell through. Since it was America, they set it all up like an American community with wide streets, sidewalks, neighborhoods, cul-de-sacs and spacious parks! Makes for a peaceful time contacting families in the park on a Sunday evening.

Right now we are still figuring out how to best utilize our resources on the phone. This week we set up a backdrop with pictures of Jesus and baptism and the Book of Mormon on the wall so we can film quick personalized videos to our investigators when needed! I'm learning interesting skills to say the least. 

I was only able to catch a few talks from conference, but I really recommend listening to the talk by Brian K Taylor on being a child of God. We all are. It's our divine nature!

Peace and love,
Elder Marsh 


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