March 19, 2018




Elder Maughn

New area

Last week was a little hectic so not much time to write a group email! These past two weeks were super full and busy.  Two Fridays ago we had the baptism for Lin JM and she was just so so happy. She was nervous, but she sent us a text after we got home saying how peaceful and clean she feels, wow! She is definitely going to be such a strong member.

That Saturday after, the whole mission went to a fireside/conference with some general authorities and Elder Stevenson. One of the biggest things that came out of it, that applies to all of us, is becoming experts at washing ourselves clean through the atonement. As we learn more about the Atonement and the nature of Jesus Christ, the Atonement can have a more powerful effect in our lives! The meeting ran a little later too and we all almost missed the train back, but we prayed and sprinted back to the station and we all made it except the ones who said we aren't going to make it. Yeah prayer works, after the trial of our faith.

That Sunday following...I found out I was moving and getting a new companion again! I was super excited to be moving up the mountains around Taichung, because summer in Gaoxiong is deadly! My new area is so much more peaceful, less motorcycles more rice fields, and my new companion is Elder Maughan from, you guessed it, Utah. Actually, he went to the same high school as my last companion.  He’s fresh out of training but full of fresh new ideas on how to do missionary work. The ward here is huge and just loves the work! We have met some cool people. One ama handed us a business card for her guava delivery service and then went on to tell us the earthquake was caused by people who eat meat. Yeah, we ordered some guava to our door the next day.  Mmmm! 

I love this area, but I love the gospel more!

Elder Marsh


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