March 12, 2018




Elder Shakespear


Hey mom,
I am moving again and getting a new companion again! Elder Shakespear is training a new missionary, and I am moving up to right below Taichung to be companions with an Elder Maughn who just got done with training.  It's called Nantou and is really the countryside. I'll send you some photos from this past week and will write a real letter later, but I love you.
Elder Marsh

It has been such a good week here in the ROC, and I hope your week was just as good! The weekend was pretty wild but was so worth it! First, on Friday we had a baptism for Lin JM, and she was just so nervous, but she was so happy afterwards. Then on Saturday, the entire mission took the train up to Taichung to have a 2 hour meeting with 5 general authorities, Elder Stevenson, Elder Christensen, Elder Meurs, President Teh and Bishop Causse (I don't know how to spell that). It was so cool how they focused on inviting people, and through inviting you are asking people to repent…and teaching repentance is our purpose! Afterwards we hit a train back to Gaoxiong (which the whole mission almost missed, but we said a prayer and ran and made it on the train with seconds to spare). We got back at 10:30 and the next morning we had transfer calls. I am moving up to Nantou to be companions with someone who just got out of training. It should be super good! Then I had a talk on Sunday. I related my experience of being ward mission leader of my BYU ward with no non-members in our ward boundaries to how we can find other ways to teach the gospel even when it seems impossible. Yeah I am about to get in a train, but I love you and your example to me!

Elder Marsh


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