February 26, 2018




Elder Shakespear

Prayer, give it a try!

Amazing things went down, and I'm going to tell you about ‘em! First off we went on exchanges with our zone leaders, and it just totally revolutionized the work. They suggested that on days that we are not meeting with our investigators in person, we should Skype teach them so we can be teaching them every day. A little hesitant at first, we went for it! We read from the Book of Mormon with one of our investigators and reviewed some things that she had been taught a while back. She has been taught everyday for the past 4 days, she for sure will hit her baptismal goal! She's so prepared! 

Also, we have been meeting with an older guy named Mr Wu. No matter how many times we tell him, he always just calls us Mr Mar and Mr Shasibiya (Shakespear and Marsh but in his Chinese accent) so we just call him Mr Wu.  Recently, after us inviting him to pray about the Book of Mormon he has not been able to receive an answer to his prayers. He loves his family but his kids are all grown up and moved away. He tells us he prays for them all the time too. This past week though he had to go get surgery to remove some tumors in his stomach. We were praying super hard for him, and he was praying that he would have no pain. Yesterday, to great surprise, we found him in his normal chair reading the newspaper in the 7/11 taking a snooze. We popped a squat at a table, said a quick prayer that he would wake up so we didn't have to wake him up. Two minutes later he woke up, saw us and said his routine "Mr Mar Mr Shasibiya 好久不見!" At that moment Mr Wu went on to tell us that it's so weird that after his surgery he has no pain. The pain killers that he is on, he is a little allergic to and they had no effect on him, and he just feels the same! The doctors did not even know why there was no pain.  Elder Shakespear then asked, "So have you felt any results from your prayers?" In response Mr Wu replied, "No" and then I said, “Exactly! You did not feel anything!  Your surgery, it's miraculous, this is Heavenly Father answering your prayers."

That is when Mr Wu realized prayers are answered and there is so much power behind them. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and is with us every step of the way on this journey called life!

Say your prayers!
Elder Marsh


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